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A day without technology

“Slaves to technology” would be right to say as since morning to night we are depend on technology for almost all the activities. 

What will happen if suddenly there will be no technology? Can you imagine a single day without it? What if there will be no electricity, mobile networks, internet or vehicles.  What if one day electricity goes and no one is able to use computers, mobile phones, television, electrical appliances , motors, tap water etc because everything gets shut down. What will you do ? Can you pass your day easilyYour vehicle is also out of service. Will you walk to your long distanced office or college or make an excuse to get an urgent leave?

It’s very cold in winter season and room/water heaters are not working. What will be your idea to make yourself warm? Or you end up with chilled water?

We are just talking about a single day! What impact it will have on economical growth and development of a country as all the communication services would be out of service?

A day without technology
A day without technology

Ever thought of surviving some days without touching the things or facilities which are given by technology?

Do think that you will be performing better in academics or at job without internet? Is there any benefit of living a day without technology?
With whom and how will you spend your day?

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3 thoughts on “A day without technology

  1. Once in a month I use to be without cell phone and laptop about 8 hours ! xD

    It’s bad because I may miss many things.. and it’s good because I get some peace and get a chance to know myself..

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