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English Gloss

Meliorate Your English


The concept of English Gloss came with an objective to be in touch with Language ‘English’, to learn together, to learn gradually. It’s an extension of English Chats a decent English Chatting site which is there on internet for 5 years at the time when English Gloss was launched i.e. Sept-2017. English Chats is a platform where people who want to improve or practice their English, can join the site and its room without any registration it’s completely free chatting site. Since the site is also for Decent Chat some people join just to do a random chat, they may not be with an objective to work on their English, it was felt that people who really want to improve their English they still do chatting but they don’t get the flavor of improving their English. Though they improve their English by Chatting indirectly but the flavor is important ingredient which can fetch you satisfaction. To bring such flavor English Chats bring some other stuffs like English Express, Spelling Bee, Word Hub, Match Up, Hangman, EC Radio which could keep those people engaged.

Another such initiative to Learn or meeting something again daily about English is English Gloss.

English Gloss will post a new word along with it’s other properties on daily basis so that you could either add a new word to your Glossary or Gloss the existing one.

Apart from ‘Word of the Day’ there will be other posts like ‘Topic of the Day’ etc. and there will be another division on English Gloss where everything related to English will be posted.

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