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Word of the day- Bowdlerize
Word of the day- Bowdlerize


Bowdlerize can be used as given below examples,

The word bowdlerize came into existence in mid 19th century from the name of Dr. Thomas Bowdler when he published a bowdlerized version of Shakespeare’s work ‘The family Shakespeare’ in 1818.

You have to bowdlerize some parts of your speech so that it will not offense the listeners.








Verb bowdlerize: to modify or remove some part of ( a text, book/novel, video or account)

The action of removing some unpleasant, offensive, objectionable or unsuitable material  for  reading or watching

Refers to the censorship of some material that is going to available publicly 

Noun :  bowdlerization


Bowdlrerize has synonyms like cut, edit, expurgate, sanitize, cleanup , omit


Use this word ‘Bowdlerize’ on  English Chats while Chatting or while posting an article on  Express English or while talking to your friends. 

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