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Under the weather:

slightly unwell or in low spirits, drunk, suffering from a hangover. 

Idiom - under the weather
Idiom – under the weather

Jenny: Hey Soilie! After a long time huh! Where have you been?

Soilie: Hey, actually I was under the weather for a week however I am feeling better now.

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Pull Yourself Together:

Calm down, get a grip on oneself, get over it, recover control of one’s emotions, regain one’s composure, regain one’s self-control.


After a  lot of tries he couldn’t make a place in any of the job placements, now its hard for him to pull himself together.

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That’s the last straw:

noun:  the final act or insult; the act that finally calls for a response.

the last i.e. final in a series of unpleasant events that finally makes you feel that you cannot continue to accept a bad situation anymore.

If a camel has been loaded with a lot of luggage and you still keep loading, at some point one more straw will break the back of camel.


That was the last straw when he came to office late for the 3rd consecutive day and got fired.

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When pigs fly:

…is used to refer something that is very unlikely to ever happen.

Since pigs can’t fly, using this phrase one can express about something which is nearly impossible to happen or which is very tough to ever happen.


Jessica: From 2018 onward I will sleep early and wake up early to study at ughten .

Jiya: Yeah for sure when pigs will fly..


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To let a frog out of my mouth:

to say wrong thing,

It’s a translated idiom of Finnish Language which mean “to say something wrong by mistake which embarrass or upset someone”.

It’s similar to English Idiom ‘Put your Foot in it’ 


Sam: Eh! I really let a frog out of my mouth I didn’t know that she was from village.

In the example Sam talks bad about rural people to a girl who herself was from a village.


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Twist Someone’s Arm:

to convince someone for doing something which they are reluctant to do.


Lightly: Hey Anu, come to my home tomorrow I am throwing a party.

Anu: Ah! No, I got exams I need to study.

Lightly: You can manage, come!

Anu: No!! Impossible.

Lightly: Come on we will have ice creams there.

Anu: Ice creams !! I will come, you have just twisted my arms.