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Word of the day- Debonair
Word of the day- Debonair


Debonair can be used as given below examples,

He dresses like a debonair daily in the morning. But as he works in an automobile workshop all his dirty clothes full of grease and paint made him look like a poor guy in the evening. 

He wanted to look debonair on his first date so he bought a stylish outfit. But his roommate suggested him that only appearance doesn’t make you debonair. It comes from our well mannered behavior. 







 Adjective debonair: confident, courteous self possessed, charming, stylish

A person (a man) who is sophisticated, charming,  graceful, cheerful in a carefree way


Debonair has synonyms like  suave, urbane, refined, well mannered, jaunty, civil


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