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Déjà vu – A Feeling of Familiarity

‘Déjà vu’  (French) means ‘already seen’ it’s a phenomenon of having the feeling that the situation currently being experienced has already been experienced in the past. It is a feeling of familiarity.

Sitting in a restoration and waiting for somebody for the first time, all of a sudden you notice that you came to this restaurant for the first time or even to the city but there is something which says you are repeating it, it is not for the first time! You have already been here waiting for the same somebody! What! When! And you can’t really reply this ‘what’ & ‘when’. Only thing which you can do is to keep the belief yes it had occurred even before which I can’t recollect, may be not in this life!

Not only Restaurant neither meeting or waiting for somebody, there may be some other situations or moments where you may have the same type of feeling i.e. Déjà vu. 


deja vu - a feeling of familiarity
Topic – Déjà vu – a feeling of familiarity

What do you say ? Does Déjà vu really happens? If yes, ever tried to solve this puzzle? Got any success or clue? How often and what types of Déjà vu you have been through. Déjà vu is like a mystery, you may have a lot of points on this topic to discuss and share.

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2 thoughts on “Déjà vu

  1. I don’t know what exactly is the science behind it or what is this mystery but I have felt it for sure!

    Like I have had this dream where I am in this huge building in a street. I have never been there nor seen it yet it feels like I had been there before…

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