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Ever waved at the wrong person?

Have you ever waved at the wrong person


Some unknown person waved at you? 

Though we can recognize our friends or relatives very well from a  long distance but sometimes it happens that we mistake someone else with our friends or relatives because they have similar features like them.

It can be because of  their facial features, way of walking, hair style or dressing sense etc, which matches with some person in our lives. So, our mind processes this information and makes a related image from our memory. 

In this situation we generally  wave hands, pass a good smile, pat on their shoulders from behind or go near them to start a conversation. 

But when it is  realized that you mistook that person to someone else. What do you do?

In some cases you are not sure if that is the same person whom you are thinking about and try to look at him/her again and again


Go ahead of them for having a better look at their face to confirm if you are mistaking  or not. 



Ever waved at the
Topic of the day-Ever waved at the wrong person?

If it comes out to be a mistake , both individuals end up into a smile usually at this very common incidence. But  some people give you a weird reaction due to this mistake?

What was your case? Ever been in this circumstance?

Also, do you think some people do it deliberately for the fun?

If yes, share it here in comments about your experience.


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2 thoughts on “Ever waved at the wrong person?

  1. Hehe it has happened to me… I once mistook a woman as my k.g teacher… I was in srkg then so the woman just smiled but the weirdest thing was that I was with my classmate, and she also thought the same thing! And it has also happened (probably more frequently) that someone has waved at me and I have no idea that who that person is!

  2. Yup! It happened with me as well…. but just sometimes.

    I feel awkward when I called someone from behind and that person turns to be someone else xD I can’t just face such situation I feel just ashamed.

    When I am called I feel loved and I smile xD though I understand that the person is wrong I let him/her realize the mistake. On realizing they grin or smile and say “omG You look alike him (xyz)”

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