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Are Most of the Girls really afraid of Cockroaches or it’s just female conditioned behavior.


Or it’s just a drama? Think on this topic in English, discuss it with your friends, in your family or you can even write an essay on it.


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2 thoughts on “Girls & Cockroaches

  1. Not all girls are afraid of cockroaches (eg: me), but over all girls doesn’t like creepy crawlies (insects)
    girls and creepy insects are basically moral enemies. We have to shout and make a fuss about their presence, as we can not lift them up and throw them out… We are enemies and enemies don’t touch each other ?

  2. Hahaha ! Lubna yes right..but they don’t need to touch it..they will die just by their screams :p kidding…I am also not afraid pf cockroaches or lizards but I am very scared of centipedes ,millipedes..:/ ..thanks god they are not as cockroaches or lizards…;)

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