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Guys gossip more than girls!

Seems true? You agree or not? How can you prove your points?

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9 thoughts on “Guys gossip more than girls

  1. Boys have usually larger friend circles and there is very long chain..they are always connected somehow..and if there is some news told by one..it goes to all faster than girls. 😉

  2. As a matter of fact, both men and women gossip by equal. The thing that differs one from the other is that one is more reserved or like talking about other people more secretively. But, at the end, gossiping is not a matter of gender but values.

  3. I guess gossiping and spreading a news/rumor are two different things.. As per my experiences at some point I find both are same in gossiping and at some point it seems Girls are better in it and they do it more xD

  4. prince kumar mishra says:

    yeah its true “guys gossip more than girls” because they get more time to spend with each other which the girls didn’t. that’s why i agree with this.

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