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He: I look at almost all the girls, I like them but got no guts to approach them easily.

She: Most of the boys look at me or some other girl, I wish to slap most of them except few whom I wish they could make an attempt to approach. But bad luck that doesn’t always happen.

Whom you are with ? He or She? or both the statements are true? any experience? any thing which you want to change? Did you check yourself for the same scenario?

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3 thoughts on “He or She

  1. He and She both of them are true!!

    Just what I have experienced or seen around me is that when a guy has got any kind of feelings for a girl.. It shows on his face or in his eyes or in his body language! ( as that saying goes: ishq aur mushq chupae nahi chupte; love and lust is something you can’t hide) and when a girl comes to know of it, she indirectly give signs if she is OK with approaching or not (this happens voluntarily and involuntarily) but as they say there are always exceptional cases. But over all this does happens between teens ?

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