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Have you ever asked anyone, “I need your cellphone”? Or somebody else asked the same to you?

Why you had to ask for someone else’s phone? How they react when you ask for it?

What happens when you are asked to give your cellphone to someone? What all sorts of things come to your mind at that time.

And what happens when the person is stranger and/or of opposite gender and asks for it to make an urgent call?

How do you react?

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I need your Cellphone
Topic – I Need Your Cellphone





5 thoughts on “I Need Your Cellphone

  1. Yes, it happened many times..but my first incidence was not good. I was going to college by walk that day. Suddenly someone touched my shoulder from behind ..and when I turned back I saw a poor looking , tall boy. He was asking for my mobile to make an urgent call. I was full of doubts..he was not stopping ..kinda begging me. I thought what if he ran away when I will give him my phone..or what if someone comes and kidnap me if i will wait for him to make the call …hahah…also why he would ask a little girl like me for my mobile. It was in 2010. anyways that road was not good.. very quiet with some stalls of tea . I was getting late also..so I thought that it’s not a good idea. 🙁 so I didn’t help him..later i was regretting too..but now if someone asks I help them according to the situation.

  2. I’ve never been asked by a stranger to lend him/her my cell phone in the street. It would be so strange if someone did it because in my place there are many public phone services where you can call anyone with very few money. But, I suppose there must be some urgencies that could make a person borrow your mobile. Well, if I were in this situation, I guess, I would be very afraid and suspicious… I think it is part of our culture to be suspicious as there are many robbers around, you know.
    However, if the person who asked me to use my cellphone was a friend or an acquaintance, I would help him/her with pleasure.

  3. I have never had a situation where someone asked me to lend my cell apart from once… it was a senior girl in my school, i did felt a bit awkward lending her my cell as we didnt get along much but i did lend her… and about asking someone to lend me there cell well, that has happened quite a lot of times, usually when school has ended soon or if we friends decided to go hangout at my place after school. But the funny thing is the lender of cell seems always alright, it was us who were very shy to ask to make a call, we felt like we were invading someones personal ?

  4. Wow nice experiences Lubna, Jiya & Ms Lady!
    I also had such incidents when I was asked to give my phone to few people..
    The first when my college mate asked my phone for twice and thrice to talk to her boy friend xD
    Second, when I was standing at a bus stop about 5 years ago, it was Sunday evening and I was waiting for one of my friend there.. then a girl asked me to lend my cell phone to her.. the first feeling which came to my mind was.. oh God.. I may get trapped into some criminal cases.. then oh she wants to get my number ? xD no it cant happen, “stop imagining” I replied to my thoughts. I observed she was in need of a phone and it was going to be evening so I gave my phone to her to make a call, I was not trapped into any criminal case but my friend came when I was taking back my phone from her and thought she was my girl friend. Rofl!
    Then there might be couple of times when some stranger guys asked me to lend my phone… observing the situation and their need once I had refused to give and other times I let them make a call .
    Last incident happened about 15 days back when I was coming to home and at a house door a kid girl was waiting for somebody to ask for his/her phone to make a call to her mom.. she asked me and I let her call thinking I don’t make calls at least others can make and utilize my available airtime xD
    Whatever the willingness to help could be.. but I find it very risky too, because once you are trapped it will be the toughest job to prove that it was not you who had made the call on that particular day!!

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