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Laughter may bring tears…

Laughter may bring tears! Have you ever heard about it? Or Tears of Happiness?

I bet you might have already heard about it. Lets talk about how often it happens and what are the reasons which are responsible to bring such tears. You might have gone through such stages where your happiness brought tears in your eyes.

If your happiness brings tears to others eyes then either those eyes belong to someone very close to you or the one who is very jealous to you, for the former is tears of happiness and for the later – tears of jealousy.

For sure we are talking about ‘Tears of Happiness’. You may have different opinion but in today’s world not everyone is that lucky to get tears of happiness very often. The reason of such tears are not happiness but the sense and awareness towards such happiness. The Higher the sense you have towards your happiness the higher you have emotions.

Emotions drives the sense of happiness and when it is extreme your emotions responds and then tears come out.

I believe everyone experiences it no matter how often but for sure everyone does.




Topic - Laughter may bring tears
Topic – Laughter may bring tears

Have you ever thought why the laughing emoji of WhatsApp has tears in its eyes! That’s the sign of extreme joy and happiness.

One example – When a father gives something to his child both laugh and when a child gives something to his/her father – both cries. Why! Because both feel the extreme of happiness!!

May you get such tears too and enjoy your happiness!

I am sure you got even more thought about this topic. I believe it didn’t make you speechless. Lets discuss further about it let us know about your happiness and experiences towards tears. 

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2 thoughts on “Laughter May Bring Tears

  1. Yes ! it happened with me..that day we were laughing at my friend’s joke.. it was silly and very funny..and we all started laughing and more we were laughing and watching each other..more intense was our laughing..I couldn’t control my laugh and at a moment I was confused whether to laugh or cry..:/

    • many factors, external and internal, are involved in happy and sadness … most imp are internal one should see what is behind the laughter inside the soul … there must be some pains as well which force eyes to let the water flow out … some times we cry even without flow of external water … inner tears …

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