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Smiling while texting and someone watches…

  Were you caught smiling while texting? 

Smiling while texting is a common habit among us. Someone sends a text, joke or funny video to us which  makes us laugh or smile. 

These texts can be from our friends or someone special or colleagues at job.  We instantly start smiling and texting them back.

But what happens when mom/dad /siblings see you smiling and texting?

What is their response? 

Do they ask who is he/she you are talking with?

Do they give you any doubtful look to interrogate everything? 

What they might be thinking according to you?

If you are caught up in this situation how do you reply them? What is your most common excuse? 



Smiling while texting and someone watches
Topic of the day- Smiling while texting and someone watches

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3 thoughts on “Smiling while texting and someone watches

  1. Admit it this is something that has happened with all of us at least once! And people introgate because they are curious or they have FOMO. I mostly tell the truth? or else on rare occasion I say the closest thing to the truth? and my mostly used excuse will be…. “Its something from the mobile company” or “I am on YouTube”? oh or the latest ” its BTS”

  2. My experience.. if someone watches you smiling and they know its because of a chat conversation.. they will feel jealous.. they comment like “You have gone unsocial”, “All the time you are only chatting”, “Why are you with me/us if you are so enagaged with somebody else”, “If you are here you have to keep your phone away” and bla bla xD
    In such cases whatever you reply, believe, it will never be heard and you may feel they/he/she can’t understand you.
    If they don’t know that its because of some texting xD they may comment like “You okay?”, “What’s going on!”, “Gone mad!”, “Show me too, what’s there?”, “Watching something?”
    I go speechless if I think I can’t explain it or I just say ‘nothing’ and leave them ‘confused’ xD if you say its because of talking to somebody.. they may behave like the situation – 1 (as above)

  3. Hahahahah…
    Well I hate it when the ones who catch are my parents xD. Friends laugh out loud than just smiling ..since all do it ..there is a mutual understanding between us 😛

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