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Sorry, wrong number

“Sorry, this is a wrong number”

Have you ever used or heard the above dialogue. We hope, yes. As this is again a very common incidence in our lives.  

Someday ,somewhere this has happened to all of us or maybe there are some exclusions.

You got a call and it turned out to be a wrong call. What will you reply?

Does your reply be according to your present status? Like, you could be busy at work, doing some important task. In that case you may end up the conversation very soon

Some people reply politely, some may get angry or some may find it a fun time.


Do you think some people (specially boys) make wrong calls just for the fun? 

What if the opposite person is not ready to accept that he/she made a wrong call and tries to force you to speak all the truth and calls again and again?

Sorry wrong number
Sorry wrong number- topic of the day

Have you ever made any call to wrong person?  Or Got any call from someone asking for a person who is unknown to you? 

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