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The First Day

First days are important memories of our lives.

Which we will carry till our last.

Some are happy, some are bad

but still, they are not apart.

Do remember your first day? Yur first day at school, college, university, tour and there are many more in the list.  It can be the   first day with your friend, crush, boss which you remember somehow.

It happens usually because that time our mind maybe extra alert, conscious or nervous  which creates a good/bad  emotional impact on us and becomes a memory. 

As a child you might be scared of school or crying about sending you there in the very first days. Remember your first day at college when you were looking for the classroom? You first day at job, when you were trying to do the best. First day out of your state/ country? 



Topic of the day
Topic of the day- The First Day
What comes in your mind after reading this topic? You can share your first day/days here with us. We would love to read your stories.

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4 thoughts on “The First Day

  1. When i read this the first thing i remembered was my first day at school(new school), i was in 4th std. And it was for the first time i was going to share my classroom with boys, i was so freaked out but then i made friends and we had snacks together in a huge circle during recess and now i kind of feel silly remembering how much scared i was 😉

  2. Well I got many first days and experiences !

    At some places I was welcomed very nicely and at some places even after some little intro with people I felt like either I was alien of I was among aliens.

    First day at school I don’t remember… First day in college ah I was a little shy and I was welcomed by a girl she was nice, she even introduced me to other classmates and said ‘If you need something just let me know’

    In one of the office when I joined I noticed majority in team were married I was feeling like I joined a team where everyone is senior and was bit uncomfortable. Some of them were of my age group but they looked to be ‘Big’ but slowly I found them friendly and feeling of first day faded away!

    I need to put an end else I would share a lot and people may get bored xD

  3. I remember many first days. let me share some from school life. From my old living place on my first Sunday in the beginning of school life I got ready for the school as I didn’t know that Sundays are holidays that time. Then My day in new state..it was raining slowly. Then comes the first day in school in 3rd standard at this new place. Boys were planning to tease girls and their was one Bengali boy who told everybody that don’t tease this girl as she is new. Another memory is from 2006 when I got admitted into in a new school. I had changed my school . The headmistress called a girl from 8th B section.. I remember her name. She escorted me to the classroom and on the way she told me that my skirt is too long. Tell your mom to cut it shorter. 😛

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