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Topic of the day- The first thought in the morning

So here are we again with an interesting topic about a thought that comes first when we get up from our sleep in the morning. 

That thought may motivate us to start our day happily or there are some thoughts which make us lazy or uninterested in getting up and start our day. 

Is it a thought of parents/ kids/ lover/friends/ work ? A thought of our desired dream, our passion or hobby may also come.

Or you just think of watching the time/date and calculate whether you will get ready on time or not? Do you just think about bed tea/coffee or to check your mobile? 

It is really very important to start your day with a good positive thought as this time is very precious.  Is your thought positive or negative?








First thought in the morning
The first thought in the morning- Topic 
What is your first thought? There can be different thoughts according to your life style. But, which one comes to your mind usually? You can share it with us if you like.

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3 thoughts on “The first thought in the morning

  1. The first thing that comes to my mind……. Hmm, I always say a little prayer when I wake up, but the thought changes everyday, sometimes I think about the dream I had and sometimes its about the day or whatever was on my mind the day before.

  2. Nice topic!
    Before sleeping we can plan a lot but the reality comes when you actually wake up.
    The first thought which comes to my mind is ‘Oh it’s morning!!’ then ‘I have to wake up :(‘ then ‘omG I have to get ready and have some breakfast too’ then ‘I need to iron my clothes as well :|’

    Well the way I keep going with these thoughts an energy inside me forces to wake up and finally I find myself out of the bed!

  3. Along with some permanent thoughts..my first thought these days is to see the time if I woke up before the time or not..If yes, I set the alarm to get the bonus sleep xD. But my brain is usually conscious that time and thinks to call parents, what to wear today..get up you have to exercise and study etc .

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