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The language which attracts you

 We are attracted to many things in life.

We maybe attracted by someone’s charm, beauty or heart. We can get attracted towards some non living things like cars, bike or home . Natural beauty attracts everyone. Even the heavenly bodies attract each other.

If we get attracted towards something we approach towards it and want to feel, get and know that source of attraction.

Similarly languages also attract us. Do you agree?

Most of us want to learn some other language other than our native language.

This attraction may be because of sounds of words, origin of country and it’s culture or familiarity with our native language. 

We are not talking about English because it has become a global language so everyone wants to learn it weather attracted or not. 

Do you want to learn language other than English and your native language? 


Which non native language other than English attracts you ?
Topic- Which non native language other than English attracts you ?
If yes, please share what makes you to feel attracted towards this language?
Why or for whom you want to learn this language?
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2 thoughts on “The language which attracts you

  1. I am metal, Korean is magnet:p

    I really like the sound of that language, I know I am not going to use that language anytime soon yet I want to learn it! Pure attraction?

  2. i love my mother tongue telugu but i have the interst in learning both languages english and hindi one is global and other is national language.
    for getting a job and travel around the world i need these languages.
    but i always love my telugu language.it has so much sweetness and loving.

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