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Weird Sleeping Habits… 

 Do you have any weird sleeping habit? 

A healthy sleep is very good for health. But there are certain habits which can affect our sleep and other’s by causing interruptions in the sleep. 

We all know about good sleeping habits and it’s said also that “Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise”. But even if we sleep on time there are some unwanted sleep habits which affect our sleep and somehow the daily life.

Some of the unconscious sleep habits are  sleep walking, sleep talking, snoring, sleep paralysis etc. There is no lack of sleeping habits. Some see nightmares, falling, drowning, running in dreams and many more. 

Some habits are very funny like kicking someone during sleep, falling from bed but some are serious which do not let us sleep properly.

What is your sleeping habit? Does it affect your sleep and others? 

Or do you live with someone who has a weird sleeping habit that disturbs your sleep?


Weird sleeping habits
Topic of the day- Weird sleeping habits

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8 thoughts on “Weird Sleeping Habits

  1. I have a habit : that I go to sleep making the room colder, putting fan to the fullest, and then during my sleep i kick off my duvet and end up sleeping on it! So, I end up with cold frequently: (
    While my mum tries to shout when having a bad dream.
    And one of my childhood friend has habit to fell off from bed or push her brother out of the bed!

  2. I’ve such clingy sleeping habits! As a child I used to hold my dad’s upper arm while I fall asleep and if I had a really tiring day I’ll rotate clockwise and hit my dad’s face with my foot xD and now I’ve this strange habit of inserting my legs under anyone’s legs sleeping with me ?? I usually have a lot of nightmares; sometimes when I wake up I’m really scared of losing things so I tightly hold shirts of other people (it’ll save me from demons :yahoo: ) ??

  3. I have a very old weird such habit.. but that is not often.. I use to talk in some different language sometimes some people say its very close to English and some say it is English but couldn’t listen to it properly..
    Just tonight my brother was saying he heard me talking something which was mix of English and some other language xD
    Its a very childhood habit which happens rarely. Apart from that I have another weird habit to stay awake late at night even when I am sleepy :rofl: I use to force myself and engage myself in something else so that I could avoid the sleep or postpone it till even ughten. However due to early morning office time I have to manage to get some sleep and so I have to sleep 😐

  4. I also have weird habits. Sometimes I speak in sleep specially when I am angry in dreams at someone or scared or sad. Sometimes there is situation in which I am not able to move my body or speak anything though my mind is conscious in sleep. But it’s for few second or more ..usually happens when I’m too tired or sleep late at night. .and when I see nightmares there is always a chance that I will get up in fear and faster heart beats or sweat on forehead.
    And yes, I live with someone (my roommate) who snores heavily while sleeping and it doesn’t let me sleep properly.

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