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Women Can’t drive like Men?

Last Night I saw someone talking about women and and their driving skill…

It was not first time when I heard, “Women can’t drive like Men do.”

Many people are align with this statement, even I have heard from few girls that they can’t drive that good.  One of my ex-flatmate used to say, “I can tell just by seeing a running car if the driver is a woman.” I just used to smile and I never accepted it as I don’t find a logic behind it. Still people have such perception. Though I don’t find any logic, there was a time few years back when we all colleagues planned for a small outing and a long drive, we were talking about the cars and people to make a group for each car.. and I was picked for a car which was drove by a lady, I was scared. Once I even murmured, ah I am not even married, have to be safe. 

Then a few days back I saw a car at some distance and I just thought it seems to be a lady driver and oh my God, I was right.

I don’t know whether women can drive like men or not but for sure they can drive men.

What could be the reason of such perception that Women Can’t drive like men? What’s your opinion or perception on it?  Whatever it is, how you gonna prove it ?

Seems you have many things to say on this topic or you too believe like majority that woman can’t drive like a man!!




Topic - Women Cant Drive Like Men
Topic – Women Cant Drive Like Men

Girls, are you scared of traffic or have many important things running inside your mind? Do you believe it too?

If you never drove, are you going to get a training and be perfect  to change the perception?

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2 thoughts on “Women Can’t Drive like Men

  1. I do believe that women can’t drive like men. And I remember once seeing some science show in which they proved that a women’s brain doesn’t quickly catch and understand a situation while driving While men can…

    But I have also seen women truck drivers, driving very good… So there are always exceptional cases.

  2. Foolish perception..Yes .. women can’t drive like men…because they drive like women. Also most of the serious accidents happen with men. Is it necessary for women to drive like men?? 😉

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