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 Your teacher in public


You were  shopping in a  market or hanging out with friends in a park and suddenly you saw your teacher there. What was your decision ?

Did you try to hide from him/her?

Sometimes it happens that we were absent in the class or any class test in that case it must be hard to face the teacher who is very strict.


Did you try to approach him/her?

Some teachers are very friendly that we like to discuss with them freely without any fear and we interact with them whenever we meet them.


 Did you just stop what you were doing and walk away?What were you thinking that time? 





Your teacher in public
Topic-Your teacher in public


What do you say ? Have you ever faced this situation? If yes, what was your reaction? What was your case? 

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4 thoughts on “Your teacher in public

  1. All the time that I could remember when I met any of my teachers outside some place, I approached them and just said hello, how are you? Basically small talk. And still when I am not anymore at that school if I see any of my teachers I wave or say hello and they do that too if I hadn’t seen them! And this is not only for the teachers that have given me lessons, its also about those teachers who were teachers in the school I went ??

  2. Even I approached my teachers if there was any face to face meeting outside the school or college..but there was always a feeling if I am interuppting in their personal work..so I didn’t talk much . Just a warm wish and a bye is sufficient in this case and they also understood and didn’t ask questions like detectives.

  3. I was shy when I was in school, whenever I saw my teachers outside I used to cover my face (or sometimes eyes) with one hand as if they can’t see me.
    Once one of the teacher saw me with my father.. he started approaching us. I was like omG what he is doing why coming to us 😮 he came and introduced himself to my father and asked me not to fear or be shy…

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